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Secrets of simple nutritious recipes made with love

Learn how to cook family-friendly and healthy recipes including gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free dishes.

Magda’s passion for healthy cooking and creative food and styling brought this book to daylight. Learn her secrets including food pairing, selecting healthy substitutes as well as simple hacks to make even the simplest dish look stunning on a plate.

Dine In Style - Recipe Omelette

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A few words from my readers


I received this cookbook as a gift and I couldn’t be happier. Packed with creative recipes and quick to make dishes, it offers a variety of new creative ways to prepare and serve my everyday meals, 

Amy, busy entrepreneur


This book is my go-to whenever I am preparing dinner for my family. It has a lot of options for a nutritious dinner I know my kids will enjoy. 

Needless to add, the styling and photography are simply breathtaking.

Ann-Louise, stay-at-home mum of 3


Simply delicious. Magda made me fall in love with cooking. Her recipes are incredibly easy to follow and enjoyable to prepare. The book also has tips on how to present the food as well as stunning photography which I found to be very useful. 

Ritika, HR professional and a mum